Waiting is Boring

TOTALLY POSTED IN BETWEEN GAMES OF THE LEGENDARY STARFY AND TURTLES IN TIME RE-SHELLED: Life just keeps getting in the way of making these posts! This time it was my sociology class combined with work, but I’m done with the class now, so I should be able to stay regular. Now on to the topic at hand, I actually mixed up my days in the last part of this series. Day 2 is not the Magic Kingdom, but rather the Hollywood Studios (formerly the Disney-MGM Studios).

Day 2

8:17 AM: Disney’s Hollywood Studios is in sight, as is the massive security line. Yay. Considering how thoroughly they check people’s bags, I’m surprised that there haven’t been any accidents at the parks. If someone really wanted to, they could easily sneak in some sort of weapon.
8:20 AM: The park hasn’t been open for too long and the Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror already has a 20 minute wait? The park literally just opened for it’s Extra Magic Hours! This does not bode well for the rest of the day…
8:23 AM: I love, love, love the queue for the Tower of Terror. The garden is so delightfully creepy (especially when it is hot out or at night when they have the mist blowers going) and when I actually reach the building, I always feel like I’m being watched. It almost makes me feel like the hotel itself is alive (sort of like the Haunted Mansion)

8:29 AM: The wait time was wrong. I’m going to do it again.
8:53 AM: Okay, the wait time was correct this time. Now it’s saying 50 minutes, definitely not going to ride it now. Time for the Rock n’ Roller Coaster Featuring Aerosmith! Party on!
8:55 AM: Yeesh, the wait isn’t much better here! Thank you single rider line!

The director will see you now...

9:30 AM: I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy! I didn’t get the front! The coaster is much better in the front due completely to the launch, it’s far to benign when you’re in the middle. I wonder when Mr. Bill and Daniel are going to get here?
9:33 AM: Ooh, Streetmosphere performer! He seems to be a director, maybe this could be my big break?
9:39 AM: Heh, he says I have an incredible shirt. Funny, funny. (I was wearing my Incredibles shirt)

I like this new marquee over the old one. I love it because it falls into my slight obsession with Fantasia.

10:00 AM: Got into the first showing of the animation presentation, time to watch some hilarious Mushu antics. I kind of miss the old Robin Williams/Walter Cronkite movie, though. Peter Pan was always one of my favourite Disney films, so seeing Robin Williams being put into that world was really special for me.


10:12 AM: Oh mans, they have an exhibit showing off concept art and maquettes for Up!
10:30 AM: Damn it, the first Animation Academy is full. I don’t really feel like waiting around for the next one, maybe I’ll play around with the exhibits a bit here.
10:47 AM: The audio exhibit must be busted. My Christopher Walken rendition of Iago sounded like something out of the Exorcist. Must need more cowbell.
11:00 AM: I think I’m going to see the 11:30 Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular and save seats for the Reisfelds. They said that they want to see it, and I would like someone to be there if I can be an extra.

Yours truly... in a turban. Do you have a problem with that?

11:03 AM: I hope that isn’t the line to get in! It’s huge! Looks like it’s going all the way back to Star Tours!
11:04 AM: I hate always being right, it is the line to get in.
11:07 AM: I have aisle seats in the second row on the far left side of the theatre. Now if only they will get here on time.
11:15 AM: They aren’t here yet and Mr. Bill isn’t picking up his phone. This isn’t good.

11:21 AM: I hope they get here soon. I feel bad telling people that the seats are taken when there aren’t seats anywhere else in the theatre.
11:30 AM: The show is starting, they aren’t here, and I feel like an ass.
11:32 AM: I got selected to be an extra! I just had to scream myself hoarse! Ow.
12:03 PM: Being an extra is so fun, but so hot. I got stuck in robes made of wool that don’t breathe and I was sweating like crazy! The turban was comfortable, though.

I used to be on the Red Team, but posing is so much more fun than fighting Blues.

12:16 PM: I was just recruited into the Green Army and got to do some Green Army Man poses (I did the minesweeper and commander guy with the walkie-talkie). It’s kind of a shame that this whole little streetmosphere performance was just an advertisement for the Block Party Bash parade.

12:18 PM: 45 minute wait for the Great Movie Ride? I don’t think so! Love the large audio-animatronic shows and all, but there are few attractions at any of the Disney parks that I will wait 45 minutes for. The only one I can think about off the top of my head is the Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye (and you thought Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a long name) at Disneyland. It’s a damn shame that Disney will never install this attraction anywhere in Walt Disney World as it uses the exact same ride system (and track layout) as Countdown to Extinction, sorry Dinosaur at the Animal Kingdom.

Also, I would have loved to have a picture of the Chinese Theatre inserted into this post, but it’s practically impossible to get a picture of the Hollywood Studios version because of the freaking Sorcerer’s Hat! The thing is an eyesore and can be seen from most places around the park! It was put in for the 100 Years of Magic Celebration in 2001 and should have been torn down right afterwards (like the wand that used tomuck up the subtle beauty of Spaceship Earth that was added during the same celebration and was removed in 2007).

My sources tell me that Pixar Place looks very similar to the actual Pixar Studios, so if I go there and don't see toys hanging all over the buildings I will be very upset.

12:27 PM: Ugh, I have to leave the Walt Disney exhibit to go meet up with the Reisfeld’s. Maybe we’ll do something fun.
12:30 PM: Okay, we have 50 minutes to get across the park and into the most crowded show on property and it only has two showings today. It’s time to be a dick and push through some crowds!
12:42 PM: Waiting for Lights, Motors, Action! The crowds at EPCOT yesterday were fairly light, and I can’t say I wasn’t surprised, but everyone seems to be out in force today. Crowds everywhere, and it’s ridiculously hot. I’m not talking about normal Florida or summer hot, I’m talking 100 degrees hot with a metric shit-ton of humidity hot. I think the sun is trying to kill us.
1:02 PM: Still waiting…

1:55 PM: Lights, Motors, Action! is pretty cool, but having very serious discussions of how the stunts work after getting you’re adrenaline pumping is a bad idea. Especially when the viewer did not get a lot of sleep the night before(I nodded off a few times). It’s also a shame about what happened to the Back Lot Tour. It seems like every time the park gets something new, the attraction gets smaller and shorter. It used to be a huge, 3-hour long experience that was part walking and part riding and it just kept getting gutted. The riding section would actually start where the Animation Building is now and the warehouses in Pixar Place were actually used for production of movies and TV shows instead of attractions. The most recent chop was the destruction of Residential Street for the construction of the Lights, Motors, Action! show, now all that’s left of the tour is the Boneyard and Catastrophe Canyon.

2:00 PM: We split up, oh well.

2:08 PM: Over in Pixar Place (formerly Mickey Avenue) they just added in a 6 foot tall Luxo Jr. audio-animatronic and the cast member said that he comes out every 15 minutes. Here’s hoping.

(Just as a note, if you are going to watch the video below, turn down the volume on your computer. The microphone on my camera is very strong, so it is very loud. And yes, for once I’m posting a video that I actually filmed!)

I love the attraction...

...but not the wait. NOT A FAN!

2:18 PM: I was greatly surprised at how funny the little show was! The Imagineers need to continue with the living character initiative, this is definitely the future of walk around characters. They also need to bring back the other living characters (Lucky the Dinosaur, the Muppet Mobile Lab, Wall-E (who never actually made it to any of the parks, only in some very lucky science centres), and an accurate-to-canon-sized Remy) who only show up in the parks for a few months, then probably go into storage never to be seen again.
2:45 PM: I really want to see Block Party Bash, but it’s so damn hot (milk was a bad choice) and I don’t really know if I can stay in the direct sunlight for too long. Oh wait, I can stand next to the merchendise booth outside of the Chinese Theatre. Ahh… shade…
3:24 PM: That was a fun parade and it’s nice to see Heimlich in something. I would have liked the parade better if the Incredibles had their own float rather than coming out of the movie introduction floats near the end. I could only see Elastigirl well.
3:30 PM: Waiting to see the American Idol Experience. Kind of boring.
3:55 PM: The guy who does the pre-show was really funny today. Very high-energy and possibly insane, I think further study is needed. It’s interesting if you get to the theatre early enough to see them filming the crowd reactions to some of the contestants. They actually go out and tell the crowd to chant for one of the performers and rope a small child into telling the contestant that was chanted for that “you are my American Idol.” I’m ashamed to say that I got into the chanting in a very “one of us” hive mind sort of way.

The whimsy, it is in full force!

4:26 PM: I enjoy the daytime shows, but the finale show is what is really worth the time. The only part I don’t like is the Jordin Sparks commercial for the park that you are already in, it is completely stupid and pointless. The girl who won was astoundingly good, but I think it might have been partly because of her song choice. She was a big lady and she sang”Reflection” from Mulan, so it was rather fitting.
4:30 PM: Ooh, no wait for the Great Move Ride! Now it’s time to go on it!
4:58 PM: I got to see the bank robbery scene instead of the gangster scene. That was the only one I saw the last time I was at WDW, of course they were only running the second train at a time then.
5:39 PM: I just found the security booth with the key under the mat at MuppetVision 3D. I have been coming here since I was 2 1/2 and I have never found this and I feel bad about it. The cast member told me not to tell anyone about it, like it was some huge secret. I love it when they actually get into their roles. Just as a tip, when you go to see MuppeVision 3D be sure to see the entire pre-show video. It’s funnier than the actual show, not kidding.

Heimlich is the man, he chills out in a saxophone.

6:14 PM: I don’t really have any thing else to do, might as well go wait for the finale show.
6:16 PM: Do I really want to wait 45 minutes for the show? Time to check.
6:18 PM: Yes, yes I do. That’s a lot of people.
6:34 PM: Bored.
6:39 PM: Bored.
6:43 PM: Bored.
6:45 PM: Entertained.
7:37 PM: The lady who sang Reflections won! No commercial for the park I’m already in! The finale show is great!

8:02 PM: Considering how the crowds have been today, I might as well go to the Hollywood Hills Amphitheatre and get a seat for Fantasmic! I am not saving a seat for Mr. Bill and Daniel this time, besides, they probably went back to the hotel by now.

Best. Security. Ever.

8:10 PM: Jesus tap-dancing Christ, the theatre is already almost full! The cast members are already filling in the seats on the far side of the amphitheatre and there’s still 50 minutes before the show starts! What the hell?

8:13 PM: Oh the joys of coming alone. I got a seat two rows back from the front in the Mickey section (that’s the section in the middle of the theatre for the uninitiated). I’ve got my Cheez-its, I’ve got my iPod, and I’ve got my Imagineering Field Guide books to keep me busy. I just wish Disney would release the Field Guide to the Hollywood Studios, it was scheduled to come out in April, then it was pushed back to June, now it’s been pushed back to sometime next year! Get the lead out Disney!

8:39 PM: Bored.

8:43 PM: Bored.

8:47 PM: Bored.

8:55 PM: 5 minutes!

9:00 PM: I can see Illuminations going off from behind the stage for Fantasmic!, but no show in front of me. What the hell?

The name on this merchendise stand always makes me smile. HEY YOU GUYS!

9:03 PM: Spoke too soon.

9:29 PM: I love Fantasmic, it’s just so different from everything else and so uniquely Disney… it also doesn’t help that I love practically everything that has any reference to Fantasia.  The story is fun, the music is great and catchy (expecially the theme for the show), but what’s really interesting is the water screens. For anyone who hasn’t seen it (what the hell is wrong with you?), Disney has a system that allows water to be sprayed up in a fan shape and they project clips from some Disney animate films right onto the water. It doesn’t sound like much when being described through text, but the screens are quite impressive in person. Fantasmic is performed on both coasts, but I think the Disneyland version is better and here’s why:

  1. There is a Peter Pan scene instead of a Pocahontas scene
  2. Disney just upgraded the sound, lighting, pyrotechnics and cameras in for the water screens with HD cameras.
  3. By the end of the year, there will be a 45 foot tall, audio-animatronic Maleficent dragon instead of the stupid looking puppet one they have now with glittery black and purple streamers hanging off of it to hide the mechanisms inside. The Maleficent dragon has always been one of my major gripes with the show, it just looks so out of place from everything else and has never looked threatening… EVER!

Poor monkey, he doesn't have spring loaded wings to cut him loose.

This is not to say that the version at Walt Disney World is bad, they made the show longer when it opened at the Studios and added in some fountains with nice lighting effects and more villains.

9:35 PM: No wait for the Tower of Terror, sounds good to me.

9:55 PM: You know, I used to hate the fact that Disney replaced the lab bars with seatbelts. Now, not so much. Guests used to be able to hold onto the lap bar if they felt scared, now they have to hold onto each other. So, when there is a fairly attractive member of the opposite sex hanging onto your arm because he/she is scared, it is definitely considered to be a win/win scenario. Oh well, that is all internet. Good night.

Be looking forward to some sort of gaming related article on Monday or Tuesday. I’m getting my wisdom teeth removed today (being 7 August 2009), so there may be a delay on the post depending on how I feel this weekend.

EDIT (31/8/09): The new Maleficent dragon has finally made it’s appearance.

Maleficent dragon, you’re doing it right!


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  1. Posted by KT on 07/08/2009 at 8:12 pm

    You know, I never actually got to ride Tower of Terror. Most of the other stuff mentioned either wasn’t there when I was (January of 1999) or I was too young to soak in everything and remember it. :\ I almost wish my family had waited until I was a little older if we were only going to go to Disney World once.
    I agree though. Fantasmic was awesome. I think that’s one of the things I remember best, partially because it was one of the things I got to do on my birthday.


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