What Exactly is a Lost Boy?

One day, my friend and I were talking about the correct terminology in referring to Disney fans. Eventually, we decided to call them Mouseketeers (for obvious reasons), but then that got us thinking about what to call people like us. People who have been told all their life not to grow up and have actually taken that advice to heart, people who still buy and play with toys into their adult years. People who watch animated movies as often (if not more) than live action ones. But above all, people who realized that becoming an adult doesn’t mean that you have to give up what you found to be fun as a child and can still function perfectly well (if not better than most) in society. We are children who should have gone to Neverland, but could never get off the ground and get to that second star to the right and fly straight on til morning. We are Lost Boys, and this blog is all about being a child in an adult’s body.


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