Sucker Punch Isn’t Really a Sucker Punch, but it is Fun

Let me get this out of the way now, Sucker Punch is not a good movie. That being said, it is a very fun movie to watch. Here is a very handy equasion that will instantly tell you if you will like this movie or not:

(Inception – story + crazy video game-esque dreams) + (3oo – numerous mostly naked, muscular men) + hot chicks = Sucker Punch

If that sounds like something you would enjoy, then go see Sucker Punch. Like now. I will wait…

…Oh, you’re back. Did you like it? Good.

Sucker Punch is the kind of movie where you want to just shut off your brain and let the movie wash over you. It’s the kind of experience where in one scene it will be right out of World War I, except the Germans are steampunk zombies and there are giant robots and the next scene will be in a brothel that represents a mental asylum. I’m not kidding. The movie’s story is loose and the acting is mediocre at best, but did you really go into a Zach Snyder movie expecting it to be Citizen Kane? No, you go and see his movies for the sheer fun of seeing an entertaining pop corn flick. That being said, the film does make you ask questions (in a good way) after the credits roll. While the film is rather vapid in the story department, it does have some twists and leaves some questions open at the end. If this review seems short, it really is. There isn’t much you can say about the movie without it just turning into a stream of sentences just saying “oh man, and then this super cool thing happened” and I am desperately trying to avoid doing that.

To be quite honest, you don’t really need to see the movie in theatres unless you desperately want to. The film could be viewed perfectly well (if not better than in theatres) on Blu-Ray when it eventually comes out in a few months.

One last thing, Rocket is the best and if you don’t agree, get off my internets.


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