The Doctor is In

Doctor Who is one aspect of popular geekery that I just never got into. I knew a bit about the show, I knew what the TARDIS was and that it is an acronym (it stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space), I knew what Sonic Screwdrivers did and that a Dalek wants to destroy just about everything. That all changed about a month ago.

Every exam period, I start watching a TV show as it keeps me from going insane while studying for whole days straight. One semester, it was Nip/Tuck (short review: if you want a show that is incredibly screwed up and shows some of the horrors of plastic surgery, watch that show). Last semester it was Community (there is going to be a review of this up when I finish rewatching season 2, which will be in a few days). This past semester, it was Doctor Who.

All of the show up to the current season, which just started airing a few weeks ago at this point in time, are up on Netflix Streaming and you should definitely watch it. At the writing of this post, I have only seen the Christopher Eccleston run as the Doctor and a handful of random David Tennant episodes. That being said, this show still comes at my highest recommendation. It is right up my alley in almost every way, it’s sci-fi, it’s funny but also can be very serious and occasionally heartbreaking, it’s sarcastic, and it’s campy. Seriously, the first monsters you see in the show are living, killer mannequins. That being said, the show can and does have some down right terrifying episodes (there’s a two parter in the first season that takes place during the bombings of London during World War II in which the villain is a child wearing a gas mask that has almost god-like powers. Those episodes were very hard to watch, especially when you find out what is going on). As I stated earlier, the show can even be heartbreaking. There are some villains from early in the series who when they first appear, they are some unredeemable characters. They are just pure, hand rubbing, Bond villain-esque levels of evil. When one of them returns, though, the writers of the show managed to make me actually care about it. The same can be said about the first episode with a Dalek in it, it’s tragic and upsetting.

The show is, on it’s most base level, a monster-of-the-week show with the Doctor and whoever his associate is going up against whatever terror from beyond the stars is present in whatever time period and place the TARDIS takes them to, but when you delve deeper into the show and watch more of it, the results are surprisingly good. I can fully understand why this show has such a dedicated following.


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