51 Days of Disney (Day 5): Bambi

I’m going to get this out of the way right now, I’m not the biggest fan of Bambi. I like the movie, but it’s one of those movies where even though I own it, I will only watch it MAYBE once a year, if even that. It’s just a movie that is not particularly fun to watch for me. It kind of drags in some parts of it’s surprisingly short running time, and it is definitely a product of it’s time (shorter and smaller production made cheaply to make money) and it kind of shows.

Bambi is the story of the Prince of the Forest and we follow his life from birth to adulthood and all of the growing up that entails. The movie is really just about growing up, and we see this happen to Bambi and his friends Thumper the rabbit and Flower the skunk. We see them as children learning about the forest and life in general. We see them in their awkward teenage years where their hormones have started acting up and women are interested in them. We finally see them in their adulthoods with offspring.

The part about the story that I feel could have been done much better, oddly enough, is the same part that traumatized all of us as children: the scene in the movie where Bambi’s mom is killed by man. Something really interesting could have come out of this, like Bambi having to cope with the loss of his mother and how that makes him grow into a stronger person, but there was nothing. There is just a line about how his mother can’t be with him anymore and that is the last anyone speaks of it before the movie cuts to a cheerful springtime shot.

This is the first of the 1940’s Disney movies that just feels very “meh” for me, and is a sentiment that is going to come up in later installments of this series.


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