So some of you might have noticed that there haven’t really been any updates after the 51 Days of Disney were over, well there’s a reason for that. The 51 Days were a very grueling time for me, so I’m taking a bit of a sabbatical until after Otakon (July 29-31st in the Baltimore Convention) while I finish some costumes for said convention and get my Disneyland content in line. I’ve got some posts to write, some videos to edit, and some pictures to sort through. After Otakon, I’m going to switch to a Wednesday/Saturday release schedule. Wednesdays will be Disneyland content until I finish with that and Saturday will be everything else (which is looking like there is going to be some TV, anime, and video game reviews coming). If I can get posts out quickly, I might switch to a 3 update a week schedule, but that is just a possibility right now.


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