Lost Boy TV: Black Dynamite the Animated Series

He’s super bad. He’s outta sight. He’s Black Dynamite!

Black Dynamite has to be one of my favourite movies of all time. It’s perfect in that it takes the absurd nature of the story elements and plays it completely straight. There is no winking at the camera, there is no one in the cast laughing at the silliness of the plot or events. They are completely serious about what it going on. So when Adult Swim announced that they were going to be making a Black Dynamite animated series, I was super stoked. The pilot was released on AdultSwim.com today, and I sure as hell watched it.

It was everything I wanted it to be and more.

The animation is spectacular, the voice actors from the movie came back to voice their animated counter-parts, and the writing is on par with the movie. It even has flash backs that have an 8-year-old Black Dynamite having a full mustache and afro and is referred to as 8-year-old Black Dynamite (just like in the movie). The action scenes are fluid and well, action packed (go figure). Also, it has pimpin’ puppets. I’m not kidding. Puppet Street is a real street and can be found on the corner of MLK Boulevard. “Bullhorn, I’m starting to get the feeling that show we see on TV is just a show.” What made me the happiest is that there was even the “DYNAMITE. DYNAMITE” whenever Black Dynamite did something awesome, just like in the movie. This show is literally just the movie, just animated and with a new story.

The pilot follows Black Dynamite being called upon once again by the man in order to stop a sinister plot, this time perpetrated by the puppets of a public access TV show called Puppet Street led by their pimpin’ master Frog Kurtis (a thinly veiled take-off of Kermit the Frog). Frog Kurtis is using his power over children to get them to steal money and weapons from their parents in order to get him all the money the man never paid him from being on public access TV for all those years, so it’s up to Cream Corn (Tommy Davidson), Honey Bee (Kym Whitley), Bullhorn (Byron Minns), and of course, Black Dynamite (Michael Jai White) to stop him for the sake of the children, because as Black Dynamite said: “I never told nobody this, but I used to be a children.”

The only problem I had with this pilot is that it was only around 11 minutes long, but this is being remedied for the actual broadcast of the show. The episodes will be a full 22 minutes long when the show starts airing on Adult Swim in the Spring of 2012.


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