Adventures of a Lost Boy in Disneyland (Part 4): The Magic, the Memories, and You!

Sorry about the lack of post on Saturday, I was moving into my new apartment and just wasn’t able to get any sort of content up.

Nighttime at Disneyland is a very full time, considering that there are 3 nighttime spectaculars in just the Disneyland park. The first of the three that I’m going to talk about is the Magic, the Memories, and You! The show takes place on it’s a small world at Disneyland and Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom and is a projection show on the face of each structure that shows various pictures and video either taken from around the parks by Disney PhotoPass photographers or sent in by guests combined with various animations. The technology is very impressive and the actual animations are cool to watch. There are sections that make the facade look like it has sections that are popping in and out, parts that make it look like it’s on fire, and parts that even make it look like it is launching into space! It’s very amusing to watch, it’s kind of a shame that the pictures sometimes get in the way of seeing the animations.

The music is good, but it’s very similar in tone to the music to Wishes. The theme for the show is very saccharine sweet and bubbly (but not necessarily in a bad way) and will get stuck in your head, and there is a variety of pieces of music from various Disney films (and even some attractions) sprinkled throughout.

Really the only problem I have with the show is how it is presented. At the Magic Kingdom, the show runs right before Wishes, so it makes the whole experience feel like a pre-show more than an actual full-blown show, and to be quite honest, I feel like that should be the way it is shown. The Magic, the Memories, and You! is a good show on it’s own, but it’s not the overly big nighttime spectacular that people are used to seeing at a Disney park, it’s very subdued and is almost completely confined to the facade of each building except for a handful of fireworks at the end. At Disneyland, the show is shown on it’s own at the very back of the park, so many people leave the show feeling let down that it wasn’t as big as they were expecting. The show (minus the pictures and video for each show) is more-or-less the same on both coasts, just with the version at the Magic Kingdom being taller and the version at Disneyland being spread out across a longer distance.

The show presents many possibilities for the future of Disney’s nighttime shows. The show uses around 16 projectors to present it and the Imagineers used 3D models of each building to make sure the animation synced up perfectly with the features. I’m much more intrigued by the possibilites that the show presents. There could be some very cool shows made in the future using this technology combined with fireworks. Imagine a firework show that combined the music of “I See the Light” with fireworks and lanterns floating all around on the castle, or they could have the Genie conjure all kinds of things on the castle’s face or even become the castle himself while “Friend Like Me” plays. Imagine a Halloween show in which the Disney Villains actually take over the castle and Maleficent transforms into her dragon form and sets it alight! The possibilities for this technology are much more interesting than the Magic, the Memories, and You!



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