Cinematic Adventures: The King Has Returned

On September 16th, the Lion King was re-released to theatres for a limited 2 week run in a brand new 3D version. The question is whether or not said re-release is worth it, and that answer is a very resounding yes.

The 3D conversion on the Lion King has already been talked about on the blog before, and I am very happy to report that Disney did the 3D conversion right. It’s never distracting and actually more serves to bring you even more into the story than you ever have been before. The characters have this added dimensionality to them that makes them look almost like they were rendered in CG due to the added weight and depth the 3D conversion adds. This actually serves to make the film look better than it ever has (and this is not due to an HD conversion, the theatre I saw the 3D version in was very obviously showing it in standard definition). The “Circle of Life” is really the scene that stood out the most with 3D due to the constant changing of scenery and the part where Zazu flies up to Pride Rock. It really showed off almost everything that could be done with the 3D conversion and got everyone excited for the rest of the film. The Stampede scene and the final battle also looked amazing in 3D.

It should also be noted that the 3D version of the Lion King is the original theatrical version, not the extended one with the “Morning Report”.

Unfortunately, our theatre going experience wasn’t exactly the best. I live in a college town for most of the year and completely forgot that families also live in said college town, so when we went into the theatre, there were kids freaking everywhere. I love kids, but not in movie theatres. Their parents were talking to them the entire time, saying things like “Who’s that” and “look at the elephant!” Seriously parents, treat your children like equals rather than subordinates, they will come out much better in the end. That being put aside, the sound was awful in the theatre. There sounded like there was a speaker that wasn’t working and there wasn’t even any bass in the theatre. It was very obvious and actually more distracting than the 3D ever was.

All in all, go see the Lion King in 3D. It really shows off the fact that 3D conversions can work when they are actually done well and only serves to make me want to buy the 3D version when it comes out on Blu-Ray, because I know that it will look even better in HD.

Anyone else out there think that the Lion King 3D is going to take the number one spot at the box office this weekend? It really wouldn’t surprise me if it does.


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