Adventures of a Lost Boy in Disneyland (Part 12): Blue Sky Cellar

Part of the ongoing Calfornia Adventure fix-up is the idea of re-appropriating attractions that really never caught on to new roles and experiences. The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure was built in the building that once held Golden Dreams and some bathrooms (the bathrooms were a more popular attraction than Golden Dreams ever was), the Sun Wheel became Mickey’s Fun Wheel, Mullholland Madness became Goofy’s Sky School, the Orange Stinger became the Silly Symphony Swings, and one of the first of these conversions to happen was the Seasons of the VIne show becoming the Blue Sky Cellar.

The idea of the Blue Sky Cellar is not a new one to Disneyland. There was once an exhibit in the Main Street Opera House called Disneyland Presents a Preview of Coming Attractions that ran until the Walt Disney Story opened in the building. The exhibit exists to show people what is coming, and this is something that should be put in at every Disney resort around the world. Sure you can see concept art and models online if you are so inclined to search around the numerous Disney news sites to view them, but actually being able to see models up close and personal and view each tiny detail or being able to look at notes and blurbs about each piece of artwork is something really special and allows you to learn more about the background and making of the attraction or show.

Each attraction that has opened at California Adventure since Mickey’s Fun Wheel has had an exhibit in the Blue Sky Cellar, when I was there, the exhibit was mostly focused on the Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure and Goofy’s Sky School, but since I have been there it was changed over to Cars Land and Buena Vista Street. What would make this attraction so interesting to have at other resorts is the idea that it would change frequently, so if one were to go yearly, it could be a completely different experience every time they visit. There would only need to be one version per resort and it would have to be placed in a central location (for example, it could be put in at Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World and could operate for the entire resort).

There really isn’t much to say about the Blue Sky Cellar, so here’s some pictures (and a video of a “living” California Adventure map (I actually filmed the map myself, but I lost the video when I had to blow away the harddrive on my computer over the summer)):


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