Adventures of a Lost Boy in Disneyland (Part 15): World of Color

I know some of you are saying “but wait, you have already talked about World of Color on the blog before!” (yay, you remembered!) but after actually seeing the show in person, there are so many things I want to say about it that it really necessitated another post. Also, that last post was somewhat asinine.

When we got to the viewing platform to see the show, I knew that I was in for something special, as plenty of videos of the show had been viewed already, but there was definitely not any expectations as to how I reacted to the show. One thing that surprisedme actually happened before World of Color even started. Mickey’s Fun Wheel is oddly entrancing to watch at night. The lights that run all up and down it are constantly moving in different patterns and changing colours, sometimes being all one solid colour, or maybe all warm or cool ones, or just random combinations of everything. It definitely helps set the mood for what is to come, but no matter how much preparation I had or Disney gave me, the show left me completely speechless throughout and I had to constantly remind myself that breathing is something somewhat important to being alive. The sheer beauty and majesty of the show brought a single tear to my eye and honestly, I am not ashamed to admit that. World of Color is that good of a show.

Videos do not do this show justice whatsoever. The show had me taken aback by the sheer size of it, the effect of the show is almost like seeing a real IMAX film, it literally covers your entire field of vision. The viewing platform is right up against Paradise Bay and the fountains cover almost the entirety of said body of water, not only that, but the lights around the Paradise Pier (especially the ones on Mickey’s Fun Wheel) are used as parts of the show. It is almost a 360 degree experience and it can definitely be a sensory overload. The close proximity to the show ends up making the experience supremely personal with mist from the fountains hitting your face (which feels great on some warm California evenings) and forces you to feel the heat of fire (a la Fantasmic across the way) when they erupt (and feels distinctly less awesome on warm California evenings).

Unfortunately for me, the section that I was most excited to see (“Firebird Suite”/”Hellfire” and “Night on Bald Mountain”) was excised from the show in order to extend the Pirates of the Caribbean section to include footage from On Stranger Tides. When this news found it’s way to me (which oddly enough was when I was walking around the San Deigo Zoo), I was crestfallen. The combination of the “Firebird Suite” and “Hellfire” was such a compelling idea, and the music actually worked well together. I thought that the tie-in wasn’t going to work particularly well with the rest of the show and I really wished that they would hav added it to the end of the show like they did for the TRONcore, but as soon as I saw the show, those feelings went away. The expanded segment was very fun to watch and featured one of the best new pieces of music from the film, “Mermaids”, and featured a lot of cool fire effects. Actually, the segment was basically all fire all the time, which was actually rather terrifying. The flames were so incredibly intense that I actually started to sweat a little bit during the show.

There are some rumours floating around the internet that World of Color might be coming to Walt Disney World. When I heard this, my first thought was where would the show go? Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom don’t have bodies of water large enough to hold the show (also Animal Kingdom’s limited hours make having a nighttime show almost impossible except during the winter months) and the only place that the Magic Kingdom could do it would be in the Seven Seas Lagoon outside of the park (which would cause a logistical nightmare). The only park that actually has the necessary elements to run it would be EPCOT on the World Showcase Lagoon, but World of Color doesn’t really fit into the whole theme of World Showcase and would clash with the rest of the park. The answer to where it would be put came with the announcement that Disney was going to rework some of it’s plans for the upcoming redux of Pleasure Island called Hyperion Wharf.

The plans for the area involved new shopping and dining experiences along with an apitheatre-styled park overlooking the water, an area that is conspicuously similar to the Paradise Park viewing area for World of Color at California Adventure. Whether or not this will happen and how it would be implemented remains to be seen, some arm-chair Imagineers have speculated that there might be some sort of additional fee for the show like with the Characters in Flight Balloon that operates off of the body of water, but Disney has done free nighttime shows outside of a park before with the Electrical Water Pageant at the Contemporary.

If you have not seen World of Color and you have the means to get to California Adventure to see it, you definitely should. It is the best nighttime show that Disney has ever put on and is almost guaranteed to be something that is unlike anything you have ever seen before.

There is going to be a hiatus from the weekly Disney related posts until December as I collect data for my next weekly project. This slot will be filled with other content for the rest of the month (probably some posts about the other part of my California trip).


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