Lost Boy TV: Thundercats

The 80’s seem to be coming back in a major way with Transformers and GI Joe in the movie theatres and new Thundercats, Voltron, Transformers (which to be quite honest, they never really went anywhere), and My Little Pony shows gracing our television screens with their heavily nostalgic presence. I did a preview of Thundercats before and now that the first 13 episode season has been completed, I wanted to follow up on how I feel about the rest of the season besides the first 3 episodes.

The quality of the first 3 episodes definitely held up throughout the season in every way. The story got much more intriguing, especially when the characters received a massive amount of character development, and by around halfway through the first season I was attached more to the characters than I ever was in the original series. Now the characters actually feel like characters rather than action figures. Also, as soon as Panthro actually showed up, the show got immensely better as Panthro is a complete and total badass.

Thundercats is still a very episodic show, but they don’t feel disjointed at all as the episodic episodes are just them traveling to their next goal, meeting new people along the way. These encounters also have some sort of reason for being there, whether it is getting the Thundertank fixed or just getting supplies as so that they can keep surviving.

This is a really short post, but that’s mostly because I’m trying to not repeat myself too much. The new Thundercats is really, really good. The animation is fantastic, the characters are memorable, the story isn’t remarkably deep but still very entertaining to watch. Go watch this show.


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